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Giới thiệu 5 cuốn sách tiếng Anh hay về dịch thuật

[Đăng ngày: 08/01/2018]

Giới thiệu 5 cuốn sách tiếng Anh hay về dịch thuật

Trong chuyên mục “Sách hay hàng tuần” kỳ này, Bộ phận Học liêu thuộc Trung tâm CNTT-TT&HL trân trọng giới thiệu tới bạn đọc 05 cuốn sách tiếng Anh liên quan đến chủ đề dịch thuật. Đây là nguồn tư liệu tham khảo, tài liệu học tập và giảng dạy hữu ích cho các thầy cô, sinh viên.

Bạn đọc quan tâm có thể  đến Trung tâm Học liệu ( Tầng 2 – nhà C3, CT Khoa Pháp) để được phục vụ. Dưới đây là một số thông tin về 5 cuốn sách này:

1. Translation teaching, from research to the classroom : A handbook for teachers /


Tác giả: Colina, Sonia.

Nhà xuất bản: Xuất bản: Boston : McGraw-Hill,

Năm xuất bản: 2003

ISBN: 0072487097

Đăng kí cá biệt : E.08943

 Phân loại : 808.066

Nội dung: This new title in the McGraw-Hill Second Language Professional Series contributes to the emerging new discipline of Translation Studies, and, more specifically, to translation pedagogy. As such it connects theory and research to teaching practice through a pedagogical framework that serves as the foundation for teacher education and preparation. While it has as a goal the explanation of relevant theoretical and empirical research, its more encompassing objective is to serve as a handbook for the training of translation teachers. The result is a systematic methodology of translation teaching that replaces the anecdotal approaches that have been dominant in this field.


2. Linguistics and the language of translation /



Tác giả: Malmkjµr, Kirsten.

Nhà xuất bản:  Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press,

Năm xuất bản: 2005

ISBN: 0748620559.

Đăng ký cá biệt: A-D41/07681-A-D41/07683

Phân loại : 418/.2

Nội dung: A practical guide to translation for language students This book is for students of translation, languages and linguistics who would like to gain a clearer understanding of the relationships between these subjects. It uses explanation, discussion and practice to show how knowledge of language and of translation can help a translator work more effectively. Chapters on the development of translation studies in the west and on contemporary approaches to translation provide the disciplinary context for study of translation products and processes, while the book's flexible and forward-looking approach to meaning and translation place the more applied chapters in their theoretical and academic context. Malmkjaer presents meaning as a temporary relationship between participants in language events, and translation as a creative activity that contributes to these events. In doing so, she demonstrates how mutually rewarding and enriching interaction between language study, linguistics and translation studies can be. Five practical chapters cover sounds and rhythms, lexis, collocation and semantic prosody, texture, register, cohesion, coherence, implicature, speech and text acts, text and genre analysis, clausal thematicity and transitivity and the expression through language choices of ideological positions.

3.Translation : an advanced resource book /



  Tác giả:  Hatim, B. (Basil); Munday, Jeremy.

Nhà xuất bản:Xuất bản:London ; New York : Routledge,

Năm xuất bản: 2004

ISBN: 0415283051

Đăng kí cá biệt: A-D41/01038-A-D41/01041

Phân loại : 418.02

Nội dung: Routledge Applied Linguistics is a series of comprehensive textbooks, providing students and researchers with the support they need for advanced study in the core areas of English language and Applied Linguistics.

Each book in the series guides readers through three main sections, enabling them to explore and develop major themes within the discipline.

  • Section A, Introduction, establishes the key terms and concepts and extends readers’ techniques of analysis through practical application.

  • Section B, Extension, brings together influential articles, sets them in context, and discusses their contribution to the field.

  • Section C, Exploration, builds on knowledge gained in the first two sections, setting thoughtful tasks around further illustrative material. This enables readers to engage more actively with the subject matter and encourages them to develop their own research responses.

4. A textbook of translation /


Tác giả :Newmark, Peter.

Nhà xuất bản:New York : Prentice-Hall International,

Năm xuất bản: 1988

ISBN: 9971692589

Đăng kí cá biệt:A-D41/01337-A-D41/01341

Phân loại : 418/.02

Nội dung: This major new work by Professor Newmark is a textbook and a handbook of translation for English and foreign students working alone or on courses at degree and post-graduate level. Part one consists of a comprehensive discussion of most subjects and problems that arise in translating: the process of translating, text analysis, translation methods, text as a translation unit, translation procedures, cultural aspects of translation, use of case grammar and componential analysis, and the translation of metaphors. There are chapters on translation criticism and technical and literary translation, as well as revision, deadlines, exams and use of reference books. Shorter passages discuss puns, dialect and ambiguity. Part two consists of illustrative examples of translational text analysis, translation with commentary and translation criticism. The book also attempts to convey some of the excitement and the centrifugal tension of translating a challenging text.

5. Becoming a translator : an accelerated course /


Tác giả: Robinson, Douglas.

Xuất bản: Xuất bản: London ; New York : Routledge,,

Năm xuất bản: 1997

ISBN: 041514860X

Đăng kí cá biệt :A-D41/00473-A-D41/00475

Phân loại : 418.02

Nội dung: Douglas Robinson presents an innovative approach to translation by integrating translation theory and the practical skills required by the working translator.

The book provides the type of practical information and advice that novice translators need:

* how to translate faster and more accurately

* how to deal with arising problems and stress

* how the market works.

* includes a wide variety of lively activities and exercises to facilitate the learning of both theory and practice

* includes a detailed Teachers guide - contains suggestions for discussion and activities and hints for the teaching of translation.

Becoming a Translator has been specifically designed for introductory undergraduate courses in the theory and practice of translation. It will also be of interest to professional translators and students of translation and language.



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