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DANH MỤC SÁCH TIẾNG ANH DỰ ÁN NĂM 2017                                                                                              


STT         ISBN      ĐKCB     Tên sách              Tác giả   NXB       Năm

1              9780515157819  E.14526 A Pig, a Fox, and Stinky Socks     JONATHAN FENSKE         Penguin Young Readers                2017

2              978-0472032013                E.14527 A Practical Guide to Assessing English Language Learners (Michigan Teacher Training                 Keith S. Folse and Nancy Hubley              University of Michigan Press ELT               2007

3              9780425288993  E.14528 Anne of Green Gables   L. M. MONTGOMERY     Puffin Books      2017

4              978-1441109439                E.14529 Applied Linguistics and Materials Development  Brian Tomlinson               Bloomsbury Academic            2013

5              978-1137414373                E.14530 Assessment and Autonomy in Language Learning              C. Everhard and L. Murphy                Palgrave Macmillan         2015

6              9781137464835  E.14531 Assessment in the language classroom                  Liying Cheng, Janna Fox                Palgrave                2017

7              9780679405689  E.14532 Bleak House       CHARLES DICKENS           Everyman’s Library          1991

8              9780134028859  E.14533 Classroom Management for Middle and High School Teachers    Edmund T. Emmer                Pearson               2016

9              978-0521741859                E.14534 Classroom Management Techniques (Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers)            Jim Scrivener     Cambridge University Press        2012

10           9781138138872  E.14535 Comics in Translation      Federico Zanettin           Routledge           2016

11           978-0979635595                E.14536 Conscious Classroom Management Second Edition Unlocking the Secrets of Great Teaching Paperback – 2016          Rick Smith & Grace Dearborn                      2016

12           978-1443845229                E.14537 Critical Cultural Awareness: Managing Stereotypes through Intercultural (Language) Education            Stephanie Ann Houghton and Yumiko Furumura               Cambridge Scholars Publishing   2013

13           9781138915299  E.14538 Critical Genre Analysis   Vijay Bhatia        Routledge           2016

14           978-0194371940                E.14539 Cultural Awareness - Resource Books for Teachers          Barry Tomalin and Susan Stempleski          Oxford University Press                1994

15           9780448487618  E.14540 Daring Amelia    BARBARA LOWELL           Penguin Young Readers                2016

16           978-0230227989                E.14541 Developing Courses in English for Specific Purposes.       Helen Basturkmen                Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillen.             2010

17           978-0521596756                E.14542 Developments in English for Specific Purposes: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach                Dudley-Evans, T. & St John, M.  Cambridge University.   1999

18           9789812878878  E.14543 Email Discourse Among Chinese Using English as a Lingua Franca               Chen     Springer                2016

19           978-0415358705                E.14544 English for Academic Purposes. An Advanced Resource book.     Ken Hyland                London: Routledge.        2006

20           9783319263281  E.14545 English for Presentations at International Conferences Wallwork             Springer               2016

21           978-0472033843                E.14546 English for specific purposes in theory and practice .        Belcher, D.          Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press       2009

22           9783319260921  E.14547 English for Writing Research Papers         Wallwork             Springer               2016

23           978-1522927853                E.14548 ESL Classroom Management Tips and Tricks: For Teachers of Students Ages 6-12                 Jennifer Booker Smith and Jackie Bolen CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform  2015

24           9780132840842  E.14549 ESP today: A practitioner’s guide.             Robinson, P. C.  New York: Prentice Hall.               1991

25           978-1425808228                E.14550 "Higher-Order Thinking Skills to Develop 21st Century Learners

"              Wendy Conklin                Shell Education;                2011

26           9781138123298  E.14551 Human Issues in Translation Technology               Dorothy Kenny                Routledge           2016

27            978-0805844184               E.14552 Ideas and options in English for specific purposes. ESL & Applied Linguistics Professional Series          Helen Basturkmen          Lawrence Erlbaum Associates    2005

28           978-1521576410                E.14553 Information Technology Essentials: Basic Foundations for Information Technology Professionals     Eric Frick               Independently published             2017

29           978-1482567762                E.14554 Information Technology in a Global Society Solutions Book           Stuart Gray                CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform  2013

30           978-1285452340                E.14555 Information Technology Project Management   Kathy Schwalbe                Course Technology         2015

31           978-1118911013                E.14556 Information Technology Project Management: Providing Measurable Organizational Value      Jack T. Marchewka          Wiley     2016

32           978-1466568280                E.14557 Information Technology: An Introduction for Today’s Digital World           Richard Fox                Chapman and Hall/CRC;                2013

33           "978-0826121622

"              E.14558 Innovations in Educational Psychology: Perspectives on Learning, Teaching, and Human Development (1st Edition)                David D. Preiss  and Robert J. Sternberg                Springer Publishing Company     2010

34           978-1506390710                E.14559 "Intercultural Communication: A Contextual Approach, 7th edition

"              James W. Neuliep            SAGE Publications            2017

35           9780470656402  E.14560 "Intercultural Communication: A Discourse Approach, 3rd Edition

"              "Ron Scollon,

 Suzanne Wong Scollon, 

Rodney H. Jones"            Wiley-Blackwell                2011

36           978-1847183477                E.14561 Language and Languages: Global and Local Tensions        Christina Gitsaki                Cambridge Scholars Publishing   2007

37           978-0415713153                E.14562 Language learning beyond the classroom             David Nunan and Jack Richards                Routledge           2015

38           978-1119050896                E.14563 Learning Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College Faculty            Elizabeth F. Barkley and Claire H. Major         Jossey-Bass        2016

39           978-0137146246                E.14564 Linking Assessment to Instructional Strategies: A Guide for Teachers      Cathleen G. Spinelli  Pearson               2010

40           9780415745321  E.14565 Literary Translation         Chantal Wright  Routledge           2016

41            9780143129110 E.14566 Madame Bovary               GUSTAVE FLAUBERT       Penguin Classics               2015

42           978-0748691364                E.14567 Materials development for TESOL            Freda Mishan and Ivor Timmis   Edinburgh University Press               2015

43           9780448487007  E.14568 Miss Bindergarten and the Very Wet Day             JOSEPH SLATE    Penguin Young Readers                2015

44           9783319174631  E.14569 Negation and Polarity: Experimental Perspectives            Larrivée                Springer               2016

45           978-0472034604                E.14570 New directions in English for specific purposes research                D. Belcher, A. M. Johns and B. Paltridge    University of Michigan Press       2011

46           9780448481357  E.14571 "Owls

BIRDS OF THE NIGHT"    EMILY SOLLINGER            Penguin Young Readers                2014

47           978-3039118632                E.14572 Perspectives on Language Learning Materials Development        Freda Mishan and Angela Chambers     Peter Lang AG  2010

48           978-1783097012                E.14573 Preparing Teachers to Teach English as an International Language             Aya Matsuda              Multilingual Matters       2017

49           9789380028743  E.14574 Pride and Prejudice: The Graphic Novel (Campfire Graphic Novels)          Laurence Sach and Jane Austen              Campfire;            2013

50           978-1631264641                E.14575 Principles of Information Technology      Kathleen M. Austin and Lorraine N. Bergkvist             Goodheart-Willcox          2015

51           "ISBN-13: 978-1464140815

"              E.14576 Psychology (11th edition)             David G. Myers; C. Nathan Dewall            Worth  Publishers            2015

52           "ISBN-13: 978-1285734552

ISBN-10: 1285734556"    E.14577 Psychology applied to Teaching (14th edition)    Jack Snowman and Rick McCown                Cengage Learning            2014

53           9781138124950  E.14578 Quantitative Research Methods in Translation and Interpreting Studies Christopher D.  Mellinger and Thomas A.  Hanson            Routledge           2016

54           978-1416620297                E.14579 Real-World Projects: How do I design relevant and engaging learning experiences? (ASCD Arias)       Suzie Boss           ASCD     2015

55           9781101907870  E.14580 Rebecca (Everyman's Library Contemporary Classics Series)          Daphne du Maurier                Everyman's Library          2017

56           9781564843531  E.14581 Reinventing Project-Based Learning: Your Field Guide to Real-World Projects in the Digital Age        Suzie Boss, Jane Krauss International Society for Technology in Education             2014

57           978-0521533348                E.14582 Research genres: Explorations and applications.                Swales, J. M.      Cambridge University Press.              2004

58           9781138785526  E.14583 Talking about language assessment: the LAQ interview Antony John Kunnan      Routledge                2015

59           978-0988217607                E.14584 Teach Like a PIRATE: Increase Student Engagement, Boost Your Creativity, and Transform Your Life as an Educator          Dave Burgess     Dave Burgess Consulting, Incorporated 2012

60           978-1138782679                E.14585 Teaching and Assessing EIL in Local Contexts Around the World Sandra Lee McKay & James Dean Brown         Routledge           2015

61           9789462094383  E.14586 "Teaching and Learning Culture: Negotiating the Context

"              Mads Jakob Kirkebaek (Editor)  Sense Publishers              2013

62           978-1138231184                E.14587 Teaching English as an International Language: Implementing, Reviewing, and Re-envisioning World Englishes in Language Education          Roby Marina      Routledge           2017

63           978-1472588562                E.14588 Teaching English to Young Learners: Critical Issues in Language Teaching with 3-12 Year Olds             Janice Bland       Bloomsbury Academic   2015

64            978-0194422000               E.14589 Teaching the Pronunciation of English as a Lingua Franca               Robin Walker     OUP                2010

65           978-1111771379                E.14590 Teaching young learners English: from theory to practice              Joan Kang Shin, JoAnn Jodi Crandall         Cengage              2016

66           9780141199573  E.14591 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn       MARK TWAIN    Penguin Classics               2014

67           978-0745318103                E.14592 The Bakhtin Circle: Philosophy, Culture and Politics          Brandist, Craig   Pluto Press                2002

68           9781573226523  E.14593 The Beach           Alex Garland      Riverhead Books              1998

69           9780142405710  E.14594 The Call Of The Wild        JACK LONDON    Puffin Books     2006

70           978-1107677074                E.14595 The Cambridge guide to second language assessment.  Christine Coombe, Peter Davidson, Barry O' Sullivan, Stephen Stoynoff    Cambridge University Press        2013

71           978-1889236278                E.14596 The Classroom Management Secret: And 45 Other Keys to a Well-Behaved Class Paperback                Michael Linsin    JME Publishing  2013

72            978-1119054771               E.14597 The Complete Guide to the Theory and Practice of Materials Development for Language Learning          Brian Tomlinson and&



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