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[Đăng ngày: 13/08/2018]

Giới thiệu 5 cuốn sách tiếng Anh về phương pháp nghiên cứu

Trong chuyên mục “Sách hay hàng tuần” kỳ này, Bộ phận Học liệu thuộc Trung tâm CNTT-TT&HL trân trọng giới thiệu tới bạn đọc 05 cuốn sách nghiên cứu tiếng Anh. Đây là nguồn tư liệu tham khảo, tài liệu học tập và giảng dạy hữu ích cho các thầy cô, sinh viên.Bạn đọc quan tâm có thể  đến Bộ phận Học liệu ( Tầng 2 – nhà C3, CT Khoa Pháp) để được phục vụ. Dưới đây là một số thông tin vế 05 cuốn sách này:

31. Language testing /

Tác giả: McNamara, T. F. (Timothy Francis).

Kiểu tài liệu: Sách

Tùng thư: Oxford introductions to language study.

Xuất bản: Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2000

Mô tả vật lý: xv, 140 p. ; 20 cm.

Số ISBN: .9780194372220

Số ĐKCB : E.014447

Nội dung: This book examines test design, the rating process, validity, measurement and the social dimension of language testing. Traditional and newer forms of language assessment are considered.

32. Voices from the language classroom : qualitative research in second language education /

Tác giả: [ Bailey, Kathleen M.]; Bailey, Kathleen M; Nunan, David.

Kiểu tài liệu: materialTypeLabelSách

Tùng thư: Cambridge language teaching library:

Xuất bản: Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1996

Mô tả vật lý: xiv, 466 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.

Số ISBN: 9780521559041 .

Số ĐKCB: E.08950

Chủ đề: Language and languages -- Study and teaching | Qualitative research

Nội dung:

The best laid plans: teachers' in-class decisions to depart from their lesson plans / Kathleen M. Bailey -- Hidden voices: insiders' perspectives on classroom interaction / David Nunan -- Teaching style: a way to understand instruction in language classrooms / Anne Katz -- Redefining the relationship between research and what teachers know / Donald Freeman -- In or out of the action zone: location as a feature of interaction in large ESL classes in Pakistan / Fauzia Shamim -- Reticence and anxiety in second language learning / Amy B.M. Tsui -- A window on the classroom: classroom events viewed from different angles / David Block -- Socializing with the teachers and prior language learning experience: a diary study / Cherry Campbell -- Sardo revisited: voice, faith, and multiple repeaters / Martha Clark Cummings -- Language learning diaries as mirrors of students' cultural sensitivity / Sabrina Peck -- "I want to talk with them, but I don't want them to hear": an introspective study of second language anxiety in an English-medium school / Mick Hilleson -- Look who's talking now: listening to voices in curriculum renewal / Ian Harrison -- U.S. language minority students: voices from the junior high classroom / Marguerite Ann Snow ... [et al.] -- Voices for improved learning: the ethnographer as co-agent of pedagogic change / Peter A. Shaw -- Registration and placement: learner response / Peter Sturman -- Conflicting voices: language, classrooms, and bilingual education in Puno / Leo van Lier -- The functions of code switching among high school teachers and students in Kwazulu and implications for teacher education / Ralph D. Adendorff -- Different languages, different practices: socialization of discourse competence in dual-language school classrooms in Hungary / Patricia A. Duff -- The tapestry of diversity in our classrooms / Denise E. Murray.

Tóm tắt: This volume is a collection of nineteen original papers written by teachers and researchers about what actually happens in language classrooms, both those in which language is the topic of instruction and those where it functions primarily as the medium of instruction. The authors utilize a variety of research methods, with an emphasis on the collection and analysis of qualitative data. Chapters investigate such issues as language-related anxiety, curriculum renewal, classroom interaction, teachers' on-line decision-making, and sociopolitical concerns which affect life in schools. Among the countries represented in the research are Australia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, the Sultanate of Oman, and the United States. --From publisher's description.

33.Conversation in context : a corpus-driven approach /

Tác giả: Ruhlemann, Christoph.

Kiểu tài liệu: materialTypeLabelSách

Tùng thư: Corpus and discourseResearch in corpus and discourse

.Xuất bản: London ; New York : Continuum, c2007

Mô tả vật lý: xii, 246 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

Số ISBN: 0826497136.

Số ĐKCB : A-D41/05329 -A-D41/05334

Chủ đề: Conversation analysis -- Data processing | Corpora (Linguistics) | Giao tiếp | Ngôn ngữ học xã hội | Ngữ cảnhNguồn trực tuyến: Table of contents only

Nội dung: Conversation in Context examines real-life speech data from the British National Corpus to show how language is used in natural conversation. The monograph describes the composition, annotation and transcription of the corpus, as well as providing a discussion of the methodology used in corpus analysis. The book uses a situational framework for conversation and argues that conversation is adapted to constraints set by the situation and to speaker needs arising from these constraints. Such a contextual view reveals a greater complexity to conversation construction than could have been anticipated without the use of corpus-based methods.This book will be of interest to academics researching corpus linguistics, discourse analysis and sociolinguistics.

34.English for specific purposes : a learning-centred approach /

Tác giả: Hutchinson, Tom; Waters, Alan.

Kiểu tài liệu: materialTypeLabelSách

Tùng thư: New directions in language teaching.

Xuất bản: Cambridge [Cambridgeshire] : Cambridge University Press, 1987

Mô tả vật lý: viii, 183 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

Số ISBN: 0521267323; 0521318378 (pbk.).

Số ĐKCB : A-D41/0709

Chủ đề: English language -- Business English -- Study and teaching | English language -- Study and teaching -- Foreign speakers | English language -- Technical English -- Study and teaching | Vocational education | Giáo dục | Phương pháp giảng dạy | Tiếng Anh chuyên ngành | Tiếng Anh thương mạiNguồn trực tuyến: Table of contents | Publisher description

Nội dung : English for Specific Purposes offers the teacher a new perspective on this important field. The main concern is effective learning and how this can best be achieved in ESP courses. The authors discuss the evolution of ESP and its position today; the role of the ESP teacher; course design; syllabuses; materials; teaching methods, and evaluation procedures. It will be of interest to all teachers who are concerned with ESP. Those who are new to the field will find it a thorough, practical introduction while those with more extensive experience will find its approach both stimulating and innovative.

35.Language learner strategies : thirty years of research and practice /

Tác giả: Cohen, Andrew D; Macaro, Ernesto.

Kiểu tài liệu: materialTypeLabelSách

Tùng thư: Oxford applied linguistics.

Xuất bản: Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2007

Mô tả vật lý: viii, 336 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

Số ISBN: 9780194422543.

Số ĐKCB : E.13138-E.13139

Chủ đề: Second language acquisition | Language and languages -- Study and teaching | İkinci dil kazanımı | Dil ve diller -- Çalışma ve öğretim | Leerstrategieën | Tweedetaalverwerving

Nội dung:

Claims and critiques / Mike Grenfell and Ernesto Macaro -- Coming to terms with language learner strategies : surveying the experts / Andrew D. Cohen -- Bridging the gap between psychological and sociocultural perspectives on L2 learner strategies / Rebecca L. Oxford and Karen Schramm -- Applying strategies to contexts : the role of individual, situational, and group differences / Osamu Takeuchi, Carol Griffiths, and Do Coyle -- Research methods in strategy research : re-examining the toolbox / Cynthia White, Karen Schramm, and Anna Uhl Chamot -- L2 grammar strategeis : the second Cinderella and beyond / Rebecca L. Oxford and Kyoung Rang Lee with Gloria Park -- Intervening in the use of strategies / Joan Rubin ... [et al.] -- An introduction to systematic reviewing / Ernesto Macaro and Andrew D. Cohen -- A review of listening strategies : focus on sources of knowledge and on success / Ernesto Macaro, Suzanne Graham, and Robert Vanderplank -- A review of reading strategies : focus on the impact of first language / Lynn Erler and Claudia Finkbeiner -- A review of oral communication strategies : focus on interactionist and psycholinguistic perspectives / Yasuo Nakatani and Christine Goh -- A review of writing strategies : focus on conceptualizations and impact of first language / Rosa M. Manchón, Julio Roca de Larios, and Liz Murphy -- A review of vocabulary learning strategies : focus on language proficiency and learner voice / Martha Nyikos and May Fan.



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