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Giới thiệu 05 cuốn sách về ngôn ngữ tiếng Anh

[Đăng ngày: 11/01/2019]

Giới thiệu 05 cuốn sách về ngôn ngữ tiếng Anh

Trong chuyên mục “Sách hay hàng tuần” kỳ này, Bộ phận Học liệu thuộc Trung tâm CNTT-TT&HL trân trọng giới thiệu tới bạn đọc 05 cuốn sách về ngôn ngữ tiếng Anh. Đây là nguồn tư liệu tham khảo, tài liệu học tập và giảng dạy hữu ích cho các thầy cô, sinh viên.

Bạn đọc quan tâm có thể  đến Bộ phận Học liệu ( Nhà C3, CT Khoa Pháp) để được phục vụ. Dưới đây là một số thông tin vế 05 cuốn sách này:

  1. Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics: Cognitive Linguistics

Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics: Cognitive Linguistics


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: what is cognitive linguistics?;

Part I. A Conceptual Approach to Linguistic Analysis:

2. Frames, domains, spaces: the organisation of conceptual structure;

3. Conceptualization and construal operations;

4. Categories, concepts and meanings;

Part II. Cognitive Approaches to Lexical Semantics:

5. Polysemy: the construal of sense boundaries;

6. A dynamic construal approach to sense relations I: hyponymy and metonymy;

7. A dynamic construal approach to sense relations II: antonymy and complementarity;

8. Metaphor;

Part III. Cognitive Approaches to Grammatical Form:

9. From idioms to construction grammar;

10. An overview of construction grammars;

11. The usage-based model;

12. Conclusion: cognitive linguistics and beyond. 

Tác giả:   William Croft and D. Alan Cruse


Năm xuất bản: 2004

ISBN: 9780521661140

Đăng kí cá biệt : E.08266

Phân loại :

Cognitive Linguistics argues that language is governed by general cognitive principles, rather than by a special-purpose language module. This introductory textbook surveys the field of cognitive linguistics as a distinct area of study, presenting its theoretical foundations and the arguments supporting it. Clearly organised and accessibly written, it provides a useful introduction to the relationship between language and cognitive processing in the human brain. It covers the main topics likely to be encountered in a course or seminar, and provides a synthesis of study and research in this fast-growing field of linguistics. The authors begin by explaining the conceptual structures and cognitive processes governing linguistic representation and behaviour, and go on to explore cognitive approaches to lexical semantics, as well as syntactic representation and analysis, focusing on the closely related frameworks of cognitive grammar and construction grammar. This much-needed introduction will be welcomed by students in linguistics and cognitive science.

2. Studies in English Language: Apposition in Contemporary English

Crosslinguistic Influence in Language and Cognition   

Table of Contents



Identifying Crosslinguistic Influence.

Linguistic Transfer.

Conceptual Transfer.

Conceptual Change.

Transferability and Factors That Interact With Transfer.



Tác giả:   Scott Jarvis Aneta Pavlenko

Nhà xuất bản:   Taylor & Francis Ltd

Năm xuất bản: 2010

ISBN: 9780415879811

Đăng ký cá biệt: E.08317

Phân loại :

A cogent, freshly written synthesis of new and classic work concerning crosslinguistic influence, or "transfer," this book will become the authoritative account of transfer in second-language learning and its consequences for language and thought. Transfer in both production and comprehension is treated extensively, and new ideas such as the distinction between semantic and conceptual transfer, lateral transfer, and reverse transfer are given the attention they deserve. The book will be of considerable interest to students and scholars in the fields of second language acquisition, bilingualism, and applied linguistics. 

3.Key Topics in Sociolinguistics: Discourse: A Critical Introduction


Key Topics in Sociolinguistics: Discourse: A Critical Introduction


Table of Contents



1. Introduction;

2. Critical discourse analysis;

3. Text and context;

4. Language and inequality;

5. Choice and determination;

6. History and process;

7. Ideology;

8. Identity;

9. Conclusion: discourse and the social sciences;


Appendix: English translations of the documents in chapter 5;




Tác giả :     Jan Blommaert


Năm xuất bản: 2005

ISBN: 9780521535311

Đăng kí cá biệt: E.08337

Phân loại :

This engaging 2005 introduction offers a critical approach to discourse, written by an expert uniquely placed to cover the subject for a variety of disciplines. Organised along thematic lines, the book begins with an outline of the basic principles, moving on to examine the methods and theory of CDA (critical discourse analysis). It covers topics such as text and context, language and inequality, choice and determination, history and process, ideology and identity. Blommaert focuses on how language can offer a crucial understanding of wider aspects of power relations, arguing that critical discourse analysis should specifically be an analysis of the 'effects' of power, what power does to people, groups and societies, and how this impact comes about. Clearly argued, this concise introduction will be welcomed by students and researchers in a variety of disciplines involved in the study of discourse, including linguistics, linguistic anthropology and the sociology of language. 

4.Discourse and Context : A Sociocognitive Approach

Discourse and Context

Table of Contents



1. Towards a theory of context;

2. Context and language;

3. Context and cognition;

4. Context and discourse;

5. Conclusions;


Subject index;

Author index. 

Tác giả :   Teun A. Van Dijk

Năm xuất bản: 2010

ISBN: 9780521130301

Đăng kí cá biệt: E.08338

 Phân loại :

How do social situations influence language use, discourse and conversation? This book is a monograph which presents a multidisciplinary theory of context and the way context influences language use and discourse. Unlike in earlier approaches, contexts are not defined as objective social 'variables', such as gender or age. Rather, they are constructs of the participants themselves, that is, 'subjective definitions of the communicative situation' that are made explicit in the sociocognitive notion of context models. These models dynamically control all language use, make sure that discourses are appropriate in the communicative situation and hence are the basis of pragmatics. In this book, context models are studied especially from a (socio) linguistic and cognitive perspective. In another book published by Cambridge University Press, Society and Discourse, Teun A. van Dijk develops the social psychological, sociological and anthropological dimensions of the theory of context. 

5. Studies in Interactional Sociolinguistics 23: Discourse and Identity

Studies in Interactional Sociolinguistics: Discourse and Identity Series Number 23


Table of Contents:

Part I. Overview: Theory, Method and Analysis:

Editors' Introduction Anna de Fina, Deborah Schiffrin and Michael Bamberg;

1. Narrative and identity: the double arrow of time Elliott Mishler;

2. Footing, positioning, voice. Are we talking about the same things? Branca Telles Ribeiro;

3. Small and large identities in narrative (inter)-action Alexandra Georgakopoulou;

4. From linguistic reference to social reality Deborah Schiffin;

Part II. Private and Public Identities: Constructing Who We Are: Editors' Introduction Anna de Fina, Deborah Schiffrin and Michael Bamberg;

5. Identity a la carte: you are what you eat Robin Lakoff;

6. Workplace narratives, professional identity and relational practice Janet Holmes;

7. Identity and personal/institutional relations: people and tragedy in a health insurance customer service Liliana Cabral Bastos and Maria do Carmo Leite de Oliveira;

8. The discursive construction of teacher identities in a research interview Greer Caballaro Johnson;

9. Becoming a mother after DES: intensive mothering in spite of it all Susan Bell;

Part III. The Gendered Self: Becoming and Being a Man: Editors' Introduction Anna de Fina, Deborah Schiffrin and Michael Bamberg;

10. Hegemonic identity-making in narrative Scott Kiesling;

11. On being white, heterosexual and male in a Brazilian school: multiple positionings in oral narratives Luiz Paulo Mota-Lopes;




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